By Bashley Football Club | Thursday 19th March 2015


The meeting has been cancelled as it is no longer felt necessary. It was
intended to speak about our options for next season in the event that the league
may give us a reprieve. This may come about due to several reasons.

1. Hereford and Salisbury both folding.
2. Rumours still abound that three teams are considering their position as
South and West members.
3. Failure of teams qualifying from their league position not passing the
required ground grading.
4. Still achieving a second from bottom position.

All of these are possibilities that could lead to Bashley continuing as a Southern
League Club.

The things we require our supporters to consider should the offer to continue at
this level are as follows;

For clubs to compete in the South and West a playing budget of around £60,000
now seems to be a requirement. This year we have had to operate off a zero
budget and the club has proved it can sustain itself as a business and produce a
small budget (at this level) for next season which would in our opinion mean
investors would be required.

Alternatively with the Wessex League costing between £10000 and £15000 less
to compete in this could be added to our playing budget making us highly
Our support this year following two tough seasons has been second to none and
if and when this decision becomes necessary the decision must be a supporter
majority not a committee one.

When and if it becomes a choice these are the points I hope you have
considered and discussed and all I ask is that opinions of others are respected
and responded to in an adult manner.

One final point is this, if a consortium or group of supporters believe they have a
plan that can take Bashley Football Club forward at a faster rate than us, please
feel free to approach me as we are only custodians of Bashley Football Club and
will move in whatever way is best for Bashley FC.

Angela Speechley-Price
(A Members Club Founded 1947)
Bashley Road | Bashley | New Milton | Hampshire | BH25 5RY
Email: | Tel: 01425 620280 match days only | Clubhouse Bookings: 07899 333391
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