By Bashley Football Club | Thursday 22nd January 2015


Bashley Reserves bounced back from a disappointing previous outing against
Verwood Town (Losing 4-0) with a thoroughly professional and composed
performance. On what was a cold and grey night in Wiltshire the Bash Boys
arrived bright and early giving the management ideal opportunity to prepare the
right way for what we knew was going to be a tightly fought contest.

With a host of players with first team experience in the Downton ranks it was
always going to be a tough test but ultimately that proved to only serve on paper
as on the pitch the Bash boys certainly showed a class and prowess that
overshadowed their Wessex league counterparts.
In the changing room it was put across by manager Andy Howard and his
assistant Lee O’Connell that we wanted Bashley to play high and press from the
front. The forward 3 of Mitch Speechley-Price, Ryan Brading and James Bergin
did this perfectly. The 3 of them hassled and chased and caused all manner of
problems for the overwhelmed Downton defence.

In attacking midfield Bouwe Bosma was pulling all sorts of strings in the upper
midfield areas, so much so that on occasion he seemed to just glide past
players like a star dancer off strictly. Central midfield duo Will Weston and
Damien Gorman were asked to play a containing midfield role by deploying an L
shape to support the flanks as required and again as with their peers they
carried off the request with great aplomb. Which leads to the defence with recent
first teamer James Keith and ever reliable Gary Rogers forming a new centre
back pairing. There was certainly no threat coming from the Downton strikers
that they couldn’t cope with and with Lee Taylor and Aaron Dunne covering off
the full back slots it was possibly one of the strongest defensive displays the
team have put in all season. Then on to club captain James Lambourne who was
named as number 1 and who on occasion we forgot was actually playing
completing the starting line-up.
The Bash Boys (observed by Tom Prodomo 1st team head coach in the stands)
started at 100 miles an hour. They hassled and pursued the ball so much that on
several occasions when Downton players got on the ball they looked so nervous
they almost resembled a rabbit in headlights. With the guile and fight of Damien
Gorman bearing down on them in the central midfield areas who could blame
them for being nervous (My god that lad loves a challenge). With this solid start
in hand the Bash boys pushed to make the most of it and with early
opportunities falling to Mitchell Speechley-Price and James Bergin things were
looking very promising.

The game proceeded to be too and fro for 15/20 mins or so before the Bash
Boys really started to ramp up the pressure. It was almost as if another gear
was found and with Bouwe Bosma starting to get on the ball more and more and
with Aaron Dunne and Lee Taylor starting to push on from full back Downton
started to look shaky and the first blow was not long in coming. It was of no
surprise that the architect of the goal would be Bouwe Bosma as his delightful
whipped in right wing cross found its way like a magnet to steel to Mitchell
Speechley-Price who proceeded to flick a delightful header past a stranded
Downton Goalkeeper. Mitchell had fully deserved his goal and his movement in
getting himself in a position to get on the end of the cross belied his teenage
years by showing all the movement and prowess of Alan Shearer in his prime.

Bash were off and the goal did not make them rest on their laurels by any
stretch of the imagination. With the one goal lead in the bag the lads started
from the re start in the same gear that they were in and pushed Downton again
causing more mistakes and misery especially from their centre midfield where
Damien Gorman and Will Weston were now really starting to see a lot of ball.

Bouwes running was a constant threat and he was now starting to form a very
promising partnership with James Bergin on the right hand side. It was this Duo
that proceeded to have a huge hand in the 2nd goal as with their movement down
the right Bouwe slipped a delightful ball inside the full back which James got
onto about 30 yards out on the right flank. Bergin then ran the Downton full back
down the line and with a swagger more accustomed to the Brazilians than a
skinny kid form Bournemouth proceeded to shake off the shackles of his full
back and bring the ball back onto his favoured left foot. With this “The Berg”
whipped in a cross so delightful it would have been a travesty if someone had not
got on the end of it. And low and behold from nowhere like a gorilla from the mist
Will Weston had connected with the ball and powered home a header from close
range. That was it Bash were 2-0 and comfy. For the 10 minute spell that
brought the goals we would be hard pushed to find a more perfect period of play.
The whole team was in total harmony and moving like a well-oiled machine. With
this The Bash Boys saw out the half and returned to the changing rooms 2-0 to
the good.

In the changing room ideas and opinions were put across from both the players
and the management and it was agreed the game plan would remain the same
as it had brought so much prosperity in the first half.

Bashley again started very well after the restart but Downton had a renewed
vigour and added some bite, no doubt after a stinging half time message. The
game for a majority of the 2nd half was played through the middle and Downton
started playing a longer game which meant our ball playing midlfield was being
bypassed. This looking back in retrospect did us no favours as our ball players
were not seeing the ball much and Downton now started to see our goal more
and more. James Lambourne in goal was forced to make a couple of fine saves
but it was Gary Rogers who was the hero with not one but two diving shot blocks
in quick succession. Where Gary finds his energy from I don’t know???
With this in mind the message from the Bashley touch line was next time we
get the ball calm it down and start finding our midfielders again. After this
message was delivered the boys started to play with their own tempo and
Downton’s surge was stopped in its tracks before any meaningful damage had
been done to the Bashley goal. Damien Gorman signalled to the bench that he
had taken a knock and needed to be replaced and Lee Taylor who is on the
comeback trail was also removed having put in a fantastic shift. On came team
captain Pete Thorne and the returning teen idol Ronan Moore. The substitutes
settled very quickly and started seeing a lot of the ball from the word go. Ronan
even had enough time at one point to completely stop the ball take on a
Downton attacker pick out a pass and proceed to shank it out of the ground with
outside of his left foot. Great viewing and entertainment all round. But in all
seriousness Roanan was taking over where Lee left off and was hunting the ball
down the left flank like a fox after a rabbit.

Bashley then made their 3rd and final change when they introduced Ben
Endersby who had been unlucky not to start due to a fantastic previous outing
against Verwood replacing the ever running Ryan Brading. With a little over 15
left on the clock Bashley were now starting to rain shots from left right and
centre and had complete domination of  the ball. The only injustice from this
period is that there were no more goals added to the tally that the possession
had deserved. Pete Thorne, Ben Endersby, Mitchell Speechley-Price, Bouwe
Bosma and James Bergin all had opportunities to add to our two goal tally but
ultimately it wasn’t to be and two goals and a clean sheet were our rewards for
our endeavours at the Brian Whitehead Sports & Social Club football ground.

Man of the Match from the changing room went to Aaron Dunne who was
absolutely faultless throughout and gave Downton no space or joy down his
flank and even kept their midfield and full back busty with his marauding forward
runs. Well done Aaron.

With this result in mind Bashley can go into their next match against a 100%
winning streak Hythe on Saturday 24.01.15 knowing that they played very well
and most importantly to the game plan. Saturday’s game will be a stern test but
if this young Bashley team are to win the silverware their efforts deserve a win
against Hythe on Saturday will put them in a very good position.

Manager comments:
“I was delighted with the way the team carried out their individual expectations
and the fact that we were solid for a full game. We had no lapses in
concentration which considering the lack of games lately shows great character
and professionalism throughout the camp.

“These last few weeks I have seen a steep change in attitude and approach
throughout the club and the young lads that I inherited are turning into fantastic
young footballers with an eagerness to learn. Looking in the changing room I
don’t know how many managers in the Wyvern league will be able to state that
all but 3 or 4 of their squad had Southern league experience but I can.

“My only fear is how long I get to keep my players for before they move into our
first team regularly (Hahaha). Last night’s game showed that we are starting to
develop a mental strength that had previously been lacking. With this in mind I
think Hythe will be a great yardstick for our progress and development. Well
done lads and thoroughly deserved.”
Line Up:
1: James Lambourne
2: Aaron Dunne (Man of the Match)
3: Lee Taylor (Ronan Moore)
4: Damien Gorman (Pete Thorne)
5: Gary Rogers
6: James Keith
7: James Bergin
8: Will Weston (1)
9: Mitchell Speechley-Price (1)
10: Bouwe Bosma
11: Ryan Brading (Ben Endersby)
Ronan Moore
Ben Endersby
Pete Thorne
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