By Bashley Football Club | Friday 21st November 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to update all Bashley supporters as to the
progress we have and are making as a club. With so much happening we
thought it would be better if the update came from the club rather than through

Financial: This is obviously an area that concerned a lot of people at the start of
the season and rightly so and then with the double whammy of our treasurer
leaving unexpectedly with his investment has left a lot of people questioning our
situation. Graham left his role as manager to help in this department and many
ventures and functions are now being actioned.

We have also received a sizable four figure donation from a business from
outside the area which we believe with our current efforts will see us safely
through to the end of the season and allow us time to prepare for the next.

We have without doubt the best support in the new forest, to be averaging gates
of 148 (Southern League website) despite our trials and tribulations just makes
you realise that once the playing side is sorted out how well supported we will

Events: We have organised a variety of things now under way that will start to
make Bashley FC more of a community club which we feel is important. We
have opened our doors every other Thursday to Bingo which we believe will
become a regular event and although it is not necessary very profitable the first
event attracted twenty Bashley residents.

Steve Thomas one of our die hard supporters came forward with an idea of using
the remaining alternate Thursdays for an open-mic night. To help the club he
kindly organised the sponsorship of the first three and the first one was held
recently. All we can say was what a fantastic night this turned out to be and the
response from other artists now wishing to attend I would imagine the club
will be busting at the seams next Thursday.

A Ladies night has been organised for December the 21st for which a drag act
and singer has been booked, there will also be a disco and tickets are selling
well at only £10.

On the 20th of December we are having our Christmas party. This looks like
selling out very quickly at only £5 a ticket. We haven’t even finished printing
them yet and believe that 80 are already gone. The £5 is to cover a disco,
Karaoke and a buffet, (forty of them being players).

We also have another darts comp being planned along with several other events.

Committee: As confidence has grown in the direction our club is heading so
has the committee. We now have all four secretary positions filled (club,
Southern League, Wyvern League, Membership). The treasurer’s position has
now been filled and by the turn of the New Year we expect to have a complete
and active committee which will allow us to build the sub committee’s required
to make our club a success.

Football: Like the rest of the club this is a work in progress. When we took over
the running of the club there were no players left and with no finance we can’t
begin to tell you the effort it took to put out two competitive teams with most
players having already committed to other clubs.

Although not quite there yet we believe that we are a few players away from
where we would like to be and we are working hard to attract more players to
the club. The management interviews will reach a conclusion this week and an
announcement will be made at the beginning of next week.

Maintenance: Brian has made a lot of progress in this area with the help of
Dave Mike and Tony. All the bushes have been cut back and almost all the
board painting is complete. A lot of other jobs have been completed and
although there is still much to do people are noticing the difference.
(A Members Club Founded 1947)
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